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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions - Cash For Cars

Frequently Asked Questions

Selling A Car?
Call or e-mail San Diego Cash For Cars and we will quickly schedule a meeting to look at your vehicle to give you an on the spot offer.

How Much Money Will You Offer To Pay For My Car Or Tuck?
We compare the wholesale market value against the overall condition of your vehicle to come up with the fairest possible offer.

Will You Buy Wrecked Or Junk Cars?
Absolutely, we’re still interested if your vehicle is not in perfect condition, suffered accidental damage, needs major repairs, has high mileage or is even a junker. We’ll give you a fair price and take it off your hands.

Why Can’t I Sell My Car?
You can, but your will invest your time that comes with the hassles to your schedule and there is no guarantee of selling your vehicle to different strangers that come calling. San Diego Cash For Cars offers on the spot money with no hassles, no DMV paperwork or tax reporting and liabilities.

How Long Does It Take To Sell My Car?
The process usually takes less than TEN MINUTES! Call (619) 266-4972 and we will appraise your car, do the DMV paperwork and most importantly, get you your cash.

Do I Have To Bring My Car To You?
We can come to you, pay cash for your vehicle and if your car is not drivable – we tow it away, FREE!

Why Do Kelly Blue Book And Edmunds.com State My Car Is Worth More?
These auto companies were created for generating high Internet traffic so they can market advertising space. The higher prices attract more visitors to their sites which yield higher generated revenue for these sites. These companies are not car dealers and will never give you money for your vehicle. But, these sites can give a general ballpark idea of the car’s value.

How Does A CARFAX Affect The Value Of My Car?
If your vehicle is in an accident, it will show up on a CARFAX report. An accident will automatically reduce the value of your car. How much the car value is reduced depends on the type of accident. If an issue regarding CARFAX comes up, San Diego Cash For Cars would still like to offer you cash to buy your vehicle, but the report would still affect the vehicle’s value to some degree.


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